Reduction of Liver Fibrosis by Xenogeneic Human Umbilical Cord Blood and Adipose Tissue-derived Multipotent Stem Cells without Treatment of an Immunosuppressant

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Therapy using stem cells for the liver fibrosis is a prospective alternative to overcome the insufficiency of transplantable liver donor. Here, we demonstrated xenogeneic human cell therapy for the treatment of rat liver
fibrosis without the use of an immunosuppressant. Liver fibrosis was induced by dimethylnitrosamine for 5 weeks in six-week-old male Sprague-Dawley rats. Human umbilical cord blood- and adipose tissue-derived multipotent stem cells were injected intravenously by the tail vein after one week. Blood samples were collected and liver samples were stained with Masson’s trichrome in order to evaluate the amount of fibrosis. After the cell injection, the level of total protein, albumin, alanine transaminase and aspartic acid transaminase was recovered to the similar level of the normal rats. The liver weight per body weight increased after the cell injection. Collagen fiber, near the portal triad and marginal region, was reduced, significantly. Taken together, it is suggested that xenotransplantation of multipotent stem cells might be a candidate for the treatment of liver fibrosis without the use of an immunosuppresant

발행연도 : 2008

저자 : Lee YG, JW Hwang, SB Park, IS Shin, SK Kang, KW Seo, YS Lee and KS Kang

출처 : Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

소스 : 지방 MSC